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Julia C. Woellner

Yoga Teacher 550h & Mental Coach

Registered Yoga Teacher RYT® Yoga Alliance, USA.


  • Yoga Teacher Vinyasa/ Ashtanga 300h, Yoga Union Bali

  • Yoga Teacher Yin 50h, Yoga Union Bali

  • Mental Coach, AHAB Academy Berlin​​

  • Yoga Teacher Vinyasa/ Ashtanga 200h, Yoga Union Bali


  • Mental Coach Sports Psychology, AHAB Academy Berlin

  • Deep Dive Meditations, Yoga-Easy Academy, Hamburg

  • Chakra Yoga/ holistic health concepts, private further education


Yoga Union Bali

Mentoring & Instructing, 200h Yoga Teacher Training


Thesis iR MBA

​"Development of a sustainable diversification strategy taking into account the challenges of a fast growing trend market in the new digital age - as an example of independence as a coach in the yoga industry."

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Yoga is for me a lot more than just the practice on the mat. For me, yoga is a philosophy of life.

Lead a mindful life, consciously perceive your own body, have a positive attitude towards life, a stable mindset -  Yoga is so diverse, modern and lively. 

My mission as a yoga & mental coach is to let people experience the many benefits of yoga individually and holistically.


My yoga practice is based on the traditional teachings of ancient Indian yoga and combines them with influences from modern western yoga culture.

My yoga classes are individually tailored to the needs of the participants and always follow a goal, intention or topic which turns the hour into an awareness experience.

Yoga should be understandable. Each asana is brought closer to the participants on a physical and mental level during practice.



I have specialized in yoga in competitive sports. 

As part of my theoretical work and my intensive practical experience, I developed my own yoga style for competitive athletes. Learn more about the benefits of yoga in competitive sports and the development of my regenerative yoga style.

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Julia Woellner is a passionate yoga & mental coach. Her more than 10 years of yoga practice has taught her mindfulness, acceptance and a healthy way of dealing with herself. Minimum training and a positive lifestyle are essential for them. She builds this into her yoga classes to teach yoga holistically. 
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